Doc's Time Machine Enjoy a perfect mix of classic riddles and technology

How it works Our Rooms

The Captain Enjoy a perfect mix of classic riddles and technology

How it works Our Rooms

How it works

You Are Locked In

You will bring nothing in, but the escape room will be filled with useful and sometimes irrelevant objects.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and escape the room?

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms is built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere, strict attention to detail.

Check out what people are saying about us

      Experiencia super-divertida!! Lo hemos pasado alucinante! Gama alta de escape-rooms!!!! Lo dejéis de venir.

    thumb Mar S

      Fuimos a 59:59 porque su sala "The Captain" nos parecía muy original en cuanto a la temática y... ¡no defraudó! Es una sala muy bien ambientada que mezcla juegos tradicionales (candados) con mecanismos más modernos y juegos de lógica con otros más físicos. El trato...Más

    thumb escapa2blog

      Fuimos un grupo de 4 y era el primer escape que hacíamos, muy divertido. Se te pasa la hora que tienes para resolverlo volando. Muy bien montado y con una decoración muy buena. Un plan muy bueno

    thumb Mercedes G

Our Rooms

The Captain

Escape Room

Congratulations! You are the first price winners of the draw: a luxury cruise to Hawaii. Please, come to pick up your first-class tickets and be prepared to enjoy the best holidays of your lives.

Doc's Time Machine

Escape Room

Travel in time to save Earth from its fatal destiny, thanks to Doctor Emmett Brown’s inventions. A room dedicated to the best 80’s trilogy.

Hall Games

Tower of Babel

Hall Game

It’s been a few years since we began the Babel Tower construction, but something very weird happened… the ten guilds working on it started speaking different languages, making it impossible for us to communicate to each other.

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